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Hi, it’s Neil here with my partner Ijlal.

And this time, we’ve got something that can truly help you skyrocket your profits with Chat Gorilla.

See, AI content is on the rise…

But most people are afraid it wont rank on Google.

Because honestly, Google doesn’t like content written by AI.

But we’ve changed that.

We’ve found a way you can use AI content and still rank your website…

We’ve tested this method to increase traffic for one of our websites…

Here are the results we got:

Increased Monthly 

Revenue By $4,428

In the Press Profits AI training, 

we’re going to give you:


The Training

With Chat Gorilla, you can create marketing content for almost every business need. But if you want to turn that content into money, you need to monetize your purchase of Chat Gorilla.

To put Chat Gorilla into monetization mode, you first need to build a website and that’s exactly what we’re going to show you. In the training, you’ll learn how to easily and quickly develop an SEO-focused WordPress website (even if you’ve never built a website before)


The Process

We give you our “in-house” process for hunting down perfect niches that are easy to rank. This way you don’t have to struggle with rankings.

Simply follow our process of market research and you’ll see results in as little as 30 days.


The Blueprint

Finally, we’ll hand over to you our secret SEO blueprint that makes ranking your website a walk in the park. We could easily sell this as a separate upgrade and it’d still be worth it.

But we want to make sure you have everything to make Chat Gorilla an ultimate success for you, so you can get this mega-value blueprint absolutely free.

This Is Just The Start…

You’re About To Discover the Secrets to Building And Populating a Profit-Generating WordPress Website with Ease… So You Can Create A Reliable Income Stream Using Chat Gorilla!

Here’s What We’ll Cover In The Live Press Profit AI Class:


Building The Perfect SEO Website

We’ll show you how to easily and quickly develop an SEO-focused WordPress website (even if you’ve never built a website before)

  • Making a BIG, BOLD promise (positioning statement) that you can stand behind
  • Using 2 clever Venn Diagrams to narrow down your niche, and create your USP
  • Clearly articulating WHY YOU, WHY NOW, and WHY THEM


Market Research (The Fast Way)

We’ll show you how to uncover profitable keywords and find the perfect niche! 

  • No analysis paralysis 
  • We will take out all the guesswork 
  • You’ll always know if the niche is profitable before you start!


How To Create Content In Seconds NOT Hours! (Zero Manual Work!)

Thanks to AI, we will show you how to generate incredible content in seconds! 

  • Without getting penalties for using AI content (yes, really) 
  • Truly unique content that only you will have on your site!


Getting Your First 1,000 Visitors & Cash In: The SEO Strategy

We will give you the exact SEO blueprint that led us to generate profits in a matter of weeks!

  • Requires no experience with SEO 
  • Completely newbie friendly 
  • A proven strategy we’ve used in our own business, time and time again!

You’ll Be Able To Build A Fully Functional, Traffic-Pulling, 

And Income Generating Website In As Little As 30 Days….

No Guesswork

We use clear, fact-based strategies, so you don't have to rely on uncertain guesses. It's about making decisions with confidence, not crossing your fingers.

Proven Method

Our approach is tried and true. It's been tested and works, giving you a reliable method for success. No guesswork—just a solid plan.

Hundreds of success stories

Many people, just like you, have succeeded using the same method. Their stories show it works in real life. You're not alone.

Here’s A Full Curriculum 

Breakdown of Press Profit AI

Building Your SEO First WordPress Website

  • Choosing Your Niche
  • Introduction (Why WordPress?)
  • Getting A Domain
  • Hosting Your New Domain
  • Installing WordPress
  • General Settings Of Your Website
  • The Perfect Theme
  • Setting Up The Basics (Logo/Tagline/Menu) (Bonus tip: Creating logos with AI)
  • Building The Extra Pages (Privacy Policy, Disclaimer etc) + free app that automatically makes your app GDPR compliant
  • Building The Front Page (To Sell Your Product/Service + Free app that creates 20+ marketing materials from your link/keyword)
  • Building The Blog
  • Installing Essential Plugins
  • Installing Google Analytics & Search Console
  • Basic SEO setup with Yoast SEO
  • Submitting Sitemap to Search Console

Topic & Keyword Research

  • Importance of Topic Research
  • Importance of Keyword Research
  • Traditional Method of Research
  • Asset-Led Content Strategy
  • Competitor-Supported Keyword Research
  • Content Gaps 
  • Wide Keyword Research
  • AI Keyword Clustering
  • Keyword Cleanup 
  • Topic Organization
  • What is Pillar Post? 
  • What is Child Post?
  • 365 Day Content Marketing Strategy
  • Seasonal Content Planning 
  • Trend Analysis in Topic Research
  • Data-Driven Content Decision-Making Content 
  • Calendar Synchronization with Events 
  • Brand Persona Alignment in Content Creation
  • Content Refresh and Update Practices

Content Creation & Publishing

  • Introduction to AI-Driven Content Creation
  • AI Content Quality & Originality
  • AI-Enabled Content Planning (Google Sheets)
  • Effective Content Structures
  • AI-Enabled Content Outlines
  • AI-Enabled Content Writing
  • Visual Content Integration
  • AI-Driven Editing & Proofreading
  • Creating Children Posts from Pillar Posts

Optimizing Your Content & Syndicating

  • Paint By Numbers SEO Optimization
  • Off-Page SEO Optimization
  • WordPress Content Publishing
  • Technical: Setting Up Posts For Higher Rankings
  • Internal Linking Explained
  • Content Indexing
  • Content Syndication on Web 2.0 Properties
  • Keyword Ranking & Tracking
  • Google Algorithm Updates

What’s Inside?

As soon as you join Press Profit AI, you'll start learning and executing Week 1 content immediately! Then, from Week 2, you’ll be invited to join our LIVE sessions, where we will walk you through how to get your new website moving, marketed, and profitable!




 [BONUS: 1 Lucky Winner Will Get To Keep The Website We Build For Them!]

As part of the WordPress Mastery class, you're going to watch our team build every part of the website in detail so you can follow along! We don't miss a single detail, no stone will be left unturned! You'll learn every little step necessary to build a profitable website over the next 30 days.


All our students get access to the 30-day bird's eye view checklist. This will give you a full game plan of the program to ensure you are always on track, and not missing any crucial steps! Simply follow the steps, and you WILL build a successful website!

Meet The Instructors

Neil is a master marketer with over $12,000,000 worth of digital product sales under his belt over the last decade.

Ijlal is a full-time online marketer, product creator, and affiliate marketer, and has successfully sold millions of dollars worth of digital products online since 2015.

Neil Napier & Ijlal Ahmed have been responsible for multiple successful ventures over the last decade. 

Over the past few years, the team has collaboratively built up a team of professional content producers, specializing in curating SEO-driven content. 

Who Is Press Profit AI For?

Chat Gorilla Buyers: when you picked up Chat Gorilla, you automatically qualified for Press Profits AI. With Chat Gorilla, you have everything you need to make this successful.

Local Marketers: if you’re a local marketer, this course can help you make quick bucks.

Aspiring Webpreneurs: If you have a digital dream waiting to be realized—this course will be your roadmap.

Business Owners: Already established in the brick-and-mortar world but struggling to create a robust online presence? We’ll guide you step-by-step, ensuring your business thrives in the digital realm.

Bloggers & Content Creators: Crafting content is an art, but ensuring it reaches and resonates with your audience is a science. Here, we teach both.

Design Newbies: No formal design background? No worries! With our Design & Branding module, you'll discover how to make your website visually compelling without a degree in design.

SEO Enthusiasts: Those keen on understanding and mastering search engine optimization will find our traffic-driving content invaluable.

Lifelong Learners: Even if you don't fit into the above categories, but you're curious about the world of websites, branding, and content, there's plenty of wisdom here to quench your thirst for knowledge.

In essence, if you're motivated to create, optimize, and grow a powerful website that generates cash flow, this course has been designed with YOU in mind.

Is There A Guarantee?

Absolutely! Press Profit AI comes with a 14-day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely SATISFIED and ENLIGHTENED by what we teach you inside, then contact us within 14 Days for a full refund, no questions asked!

That’s Not All! Here’s Some Fast Action Bonuses If You Purchase Today!


Easily generate loads of great marketing stuff by just using any website link! This tool turns links into awesome materials, making your marketing game strong. Boost your brand's presence and connection with customers. It's a simple way to create effective promo content.

Press Protect 

Achieve instant GDPR compliance effortlessly for any application, website, or page you own with simple "copy and paste" functionality. No need for costly software or extensive consulting research; ensure data protection seamlessly and affordably. Embrace hassle-free compliance without compromising your budget, making regulatory adherence accessible and straightforward.

Chat Gorilla Press Profits

Normally $397





  • Module 1: Building Your SEO First WordPress Website
  • Module 2: Topic & Keyword Research
  • Module 3: Content Creation & Publishing
  • Module 4: Optimizing Your Content & Syndicating
  • Complete 30-day checklist
  • BONUS 1: MagicLink
  • BONUS 2: Press Protect 

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