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Picture this:

It’s the day you decided to write marketing copy for your business/services…

You opened the draft on Google Docs.

You decided to write it with the help of ChatGPT.

You really want to finish it within an hour.

So starting with the big ol’ prompt you’ve tweaked your copy many times.

And finally seeing some improved copy.

Your heart starts racing - you are giving back-to-back instructions to poor ChatGPT. 

And when that AI lad is close to producing a copy exactly according to your instructions. 

You get this:

Aaaaaannnd you have to wait one more hour to get your copy going.

Quite frustrating, right?

Well, we’ve good news for you.

Because on this page, we’re going to show you how you can avoid ever having to face this scenario…

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When we tout speed, we're showcasing the streamlined efficiency of tapping into a $2M/Year team's brainpower — delivering polished marketing content in mere minutes.

When we speak of value, it's about offering you continuous access to the pioneering strategies developed by top-tier talent, all for the cost-effective investment of just $10/m (half of what ChatGPT costs you)... 

Imagine leveraging insights worth millions for less than the industry standard.

And when we claim advancement, we stand by the unparalleled sophistication of over 1,000 meticulously engineered prompts — the distillation of our expert team's knowledge into a tool that elevates your copy to unprecedented levels.

Here’s a List Of a Handful Of Benefits That You Will Get Access Yo:

Access To 500 New Prompts

When you grab Chat Gorilla PRO you will get access to all the new prompts as we engineer them.

These prompts will make the AI write captivating copy across various niches and topics.

Unlimited Usage

Allows you to enjoy Chat Gorilla at its full potential.

No limit on anything at all.

Access to New Features

This one’s our favorite. Whenever we roll out new updates everyone has to purchase it separately but YOU as a PRO user will get all the upgrades at no additional costs.

Means you will never have to pay again to get the upgrades.

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Your Software Is On Its Way… 



Chat Multiverse:

This feature unlocks the amazing potential behind Chat Gorilla. With the fork feature inside each chat, you can choose different paths to create your marketing content. 

If you want to continue your current chat and create say - social media posts, as well as video sales letters - without letting AI go off topic, use this feature. Fork chats and make smarter decisions and different variations, without any extra work.

If You Act Now, You Unlock These Fast Action Bonuses



Create your own Surprise Products using ScratchThat. Ever scratch off a lottery ticket? Engage your visitors as they have fun scratching this digital version with their mouse to reveal their bonus surprise underneath. This could be anything from a coupon code, $10 off, or a special bonus of some kind. 


DFY Thumbnail

Create your own thumbnails using DFY Thumbnails. This is super simple to use and lets you create awe-inspiring thumbnails in seconds. With a super-simple interface and dozens of options, an incredible looking thumbnail is just a few clicks away. 



Create your own Logos using LogoSauce. Your brand or Logo creates a First and Lasting impression on your clients and customers. Now you can ditch the logo freelancing services and Turbo-Charge your Logo creating process saving you time and money. 

"lifetime” applies to the lifetime of the product. This average lifetime of a product of this nature and price to be supported is approximately 5 years."

Take A Look At The Exclusive Features You Get Access To With Chat Gorilla Pro:

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  • UNLIMITED usage
  • 500 Additional Prompts
  • Fork Chat
  • Access to New Features
  • BONUS 1: ScratchThat
  • BONUS 2: DFY Thumbnail
  • BONUS 3: LogoSauce

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Chat Gorilla Pro


Normally $290/year, now just:


per year

  • UNLIMITED usage
  • 500 Additional Prompts
  • Fork Chat
  • Access to New Features
  • BONUS 1: ScratchThat
  • BONUS 2: DFY Thumbnail
  • BONUS 3: LogoSauce

Upgrade To

Chat Gorilla Pro


Normally $497/one time, now just:



  • UNLIMITED usage
  • 500 Additional Prompts
  • Fork Chat
  • Access to New Features
  • BONUS 1: ScratchThat
  • BONUS 2: DFY Thumbnail
  • BONUS 3: LogoSauce