Go Behind The Curtain On How We 

Create “Winning” Sales Pages Responsible 

For Over $2 Million In Sales Every Year!

A comprehensive course that shows you the exact process we use to create sales pages for our products and services!

Sell more courses, programs, ebooks, software, and digital products by using our $2M/year AI copy domination method.

No Hassles:

Generate new sales pages whenever you want without any hassle. Write the best possible sales page every time.

No Roadblocks:

Once you learn the AI Copy Domination method, you won’t face any roadblocks while writing sales pages.

No Brakes:

Write high-converting sales pages without any brakes. Nothing will be able to stop you. (unless you want to take a nap )

This is Neil Napier - the $12 million man!

This is the last page you’ll see in this funnel, promise!

And I’m going to show you something really cool… 

But before that, I want to answer the question running through your mind…

“Neil, I’ve already got access to Chat Gorilla… 

Can’t I use it to write sales pages for my or my client’s business?”


You can use Chat Gorilla to write sales pages…

This course is for those people who want to see “the process” we use to write those winning sales pages one after one…

It’s for you if you want to:

See how a $2M/year business uses AI to write their copy

Discover the fastest way to write copy… even if you’re a total newbie!

Get your hands on an easy-to-follow process that generates sales every time

If that sounds like you…

Let me introduce you to

A Step-By-Step Process We Use To Create Sales Pages In Our Business — The Exact Process Responsible For Bringing In $2M/year In Sales!

See, there are two reasons I’ve decided to finally share all my copywriting techniques, tricks, and strategies…

First, and main reason… 

I’m doing this for Chat Gorilla buyers... It’s my gift to them. 

And I know it’ll make them gobs more money and bring them a lot more success

So, I owe it to them to not hold anything back. 

Two, because I haven't seen anybody else sharing the deeper, tactical nuances of copy that produces consistent sales at scale. 

Almost all the copy training out there is high-level and conceptual. 

But AI Copy Domination makes things simpler and so easy that even a newbie can use these principles to write sales pages.

Look What Other AI Copy Dominators

Are Saying About This Course:

“I've struggled with creating effective sales pages until I found AI Copy Domination. Neil's course is a lifesaver—no need for expensive tools or outsourcing. It's a must-have. Thanks, Neil!”

Lisa Adams

"As a small business owner, AI Copy Domination changed the game for me. Neil's step-by-step guidance on crafting killer copy and optimizing with ChatGPT is exactly what I needed. All this for just $27? Thanks, Neil, for making it accessible and effective!"

Chris Oliver

AI-Powered Copy Is Insanely Effective… When One Of The World’s Leading Copywriters Was Asked About It… In One Of His Facebook Groups… Here’s What He Said:

See, while Chat Gorilla is filled with over 1,000 Prompts that we use for our $2M/year business… it doesn’t come with behind-the-scenes training…

And it doesn’t show you the “real” strategies going behind the creation of each element of copy…

That’s where AI Copy Domination comes into play.

If you're involved in sales, you know the importance of compelling copywriting to boost your success. 

It makes a world of difference in generating revenue and customer satisfaction

Considering this, our training becomes a no-brainer for folks like you who want the best in their business.

3 Ways You Can Profit From

AI Copy Domination:

Use our $2M/year sales page creation process to increase sales for your products/services

Charge business owners to help them with their copy needs - every business needs copy!

You can save money and time because this method is 200X cheaper and 500X faster than humans

But Writing Copy That Generates Sales Is Tough... 

So We Created The AI Copy Domination Method That Gives YouThe Best Possible Chance To Generate Explosive Sales For Your Ebooks, Courses, Software, Or Digital Products/Services

Here’s Everything You Get 

With The AI Copy Domination Method:


Welcome and Introduction

  • Kick-off with a warm welcome and a quick course overview
  • Discover the power of AI copywriting and its incredible benefits


Pre-selling Strategies & Successful Case Studies

  • Unearth the magic of pre-selling to win customers 
  • Dive into real-life case studies showcasing AI-generated marketing materials in action


Creating a Sales Page Using AI Copywriting

  • Follow step-by-step guidance to craft an attention-grabbing sales page 
  • Learn hands-on tips for using ChatGPT to generate content effectively


Creating an Email Sequence Using AI Copywriting

  • Master the art of creating an irresistible email sequence with AI
  • Get an insider's look into using ChatGPT for email success


Creating Social Posts For Sales Using AI Copywriting

  • Master the art of creating irresistible social posts that get sales with AI
  • Get an insider's look into using ChatGPT for social posting success



  • Put your newfound skills to work by creating your own sales page and email sequences
  • Receive valuable guidance and real-time feedback from the instructor


Testing and Optimizing

  • Uncover tips for testing your AI-generated materials
  • Learn about A/B testing and conversion rate optimization for ongoing success


Q&A and Wrap-Up

  • Recap key points and ask final questions
  • Close with encouragement and resources for future learning

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Explode your digital sales and save 

thousands of dollars on copywriters!

You don’t need to be a writer.

You don’t need to learn anything new.

And you don’t need to spend money on copywriters ever again!

Why Pay Expensive Copywriters For Sales Pages?

When You Can Pay A One Time Fee And Learn Our $2M/year Domination Method... 

We can’t stress how lucky you actually are to come across this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

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On top of that, I’m going to give you a no-brainer guarantee

14 DAYS “Love It or Pay Nothing” GUARANTEE

Your purchase is backed by our unconditional 14-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy, send us an email at any time, and we'll refund every penny of your investment—no questions asked.

I’m Not Going To Sell You On This, Because If You Were Smart Enough To Get This Far…

Then you’ll be smart enough to get AI Copy Domination... 

You don’t even have to say YES to AI Copy Domination… All you have to say is MAYBE.

And then you have a full 14 days to skim through this course… and put it into action.

If at any time you feel that this is not 1,000% of the value you’re getting - then let me know and I’ll refund you your fee. 

Hit the upgrade button below and AI Copy Domination will be automatically added to your member’s area.

With AI Copy Domination... 

Lock-In "ONE-TIME PRICE" Before It Expires



  • Convert Benefits Into Features
  • Research Your Market And Customers
  • Develop Big Ideas
  • Create Leads, Headlines, And Closes
  • The Art of Effective CTAs
  • Optimize Your Copy
  • Create Effective Bonus Sections
  • Write Persuasive Emails
  • Strategic Email Structure and Delivery
  • Unlock Premium Bonus: Project Genius

Here’s What Happens When You Upgrade…

Increase Sales

With our proven process, you can write copy that increases sales for every type of product! 

Save Time & Money 

Stop waiting weeks writing yourself or waiting for copywriters to deliver your work. Don’t pay a penny to expensive copywriters.

Earn Income

Write and sell sales pages to generate passive income. Save thousands in business expenses.

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